WSA Public Forum 26 November 2012 – a presentation by Heather Henderson

A presentation by Mayor Heather Henderson 

The recently release  of the final report from the Metropolitan Local Government Review Panel foreshadows the most significant changes we have seen in the history of Western Australian local government.

One of the recommendations in the report, which poses a real and immediate threat to our communities is the amalgamation of the seven western suburbs local governments.

The western suburbs have undoubtedly been a target for amalgamations since the state government began its reform agenda about four years ago. Continue reading

WSA Public Forum Subiaco 26 November 2012- a presentation by Max Hipkins

Amalgamation and loss of identity – A presentation by Max Hipkins

 The recently released Final Report of the Metropolitan Local Government Review, known as the Robson Report, has recommended the amalgamation of seven western suburbs councils into one consolidated local government, with a combined population of around 80,000 people.  If this was to eventuate, it would result in the loss of identity of all communities involved.  I would like to illustrate this by looking at just two of the affected cities – Subiaco and Nedlands.  It would be possible to compare other local governments within the western suburbs to the same effect. Continue reading

Western Suburbs Alliance Public Forum

Press release

Western Suburbs Alliance Inc. Public Forum


Cottesloe War Memorial Hall, 109 Broome Street, Cottesloe,  7.30 – 9.30 pm, October 11, 2012


The Western Suburbs Alliance Inc (WSA) ( was formed by members of community groups in Claremont, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, Peppermint Grove, Nedlands and Subiaco. The launch of WSA was marked by the publication of a letter in the POST newspaper of 30 June, 2012 which was signed by 38 high profile individuals including mayors, former mayors, councillors and other high-profile western suburbs citizens who were concerned about:

  • The new state planning laws which give dictatorial powers to the Minister for Planning.
  • The State-appointed Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) which now control major development approvals.
  • Local councils and communities having no right of appeal against DAP’s while developers have such rights.
  • Planning processes that are now secretive and lacking in transparency and accountability.
  • The state government’s intention to forcibly amalgamate our councils and increase its control.
  • The inappropriate and out-of-scale developments the state government and developers are forcing upon us in Subiaco, Nedlands, Cottesloe, Stirling Highway, the Perth Waterfront and elsewhere.
  • The erosion of our democratic rights.

The forum 

This event is designed to inform the public about the above issues and gain their opinions on the further actions needed to address these issues. The Forum will feature:

Chair: Richard Diggins OAM (former Mayor of Subiaco)


Ken Eastwood AM (Former national CPA president) – Profli-gate. Who’s paying for all these future projects?

Ron Norris (Mayor, Town of Mosman Park) – The DAP system and its implications for local governments and communities.

Julie Matheson (Councillor, City of Subiaco) – A DAP case study; Subiaco/Catherine Street and others.

Max Hipkins (Mayor, City of Nedlands) – Recent changes in the state planning laws and powers of the Planning Minister, WA Planning Commission and Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority.

Kevin Morgan (Mayor, Town of Cottesloe) – The Robson Report and amalgamation/restructuring of local government.

John Hammond (former Mayor, Town of Cottesloe) – Implications of loss of control at the local government and community level.

A Question & Answer session will follow, involving all of the above speakers plus Heather Henderson (Mayor, City of Subiaco) and Wayne Monks (Independent candidate for Churchlands).

For further information, email or telephone Colin Latchem on 9386 3746

Authorised and published by Colin Latchem, 2 Sherwood Road, Dalkeith WA 6009.