Major traffic chaos results from closing Riverside Drive


Ken Adam & Ralph Stanton launch the CityVision Review of Elizabeth Quay proposalKen Adam & Ralph Stanton launch the CityVision Review of Elizabeth Quay proposal

A major inquiry into Elizabeth Quay prepared by three prominent citizens: the Hon Robert Nicholson AO, Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Bolton AO and retired Associate Professor of Architecture David Standen AM, has found that the planning process was deeply flawed, and requires immediate, extensive review.

The enquiry, based on the views of invited experts, was commissioned by CityVision ( – a voluntary, non-party advocacy think-tank – after frustration at lack of transparency in the planning process. A major enquiry topic -“Traffic and Transport” – shows vital facts have been ignored, or are not available.

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Perth waterfront project misses the mark.

Dr Linley Lutton

Posted December 1, 2012 by Western Suburbs Alliance

Regardless of all the hype in the media about the Perth waterfront project there is a very high probability that the project will stall before it gets started leaving Perth with a ruined foreshore and a huge scandal to investigate.

There are two fundamental problems giving rise to this likelihood. Firstly, the project was conceived with a ‘Walter Mitty’ mindset with little or no focus on reality, specifically the critical commercial factors. Secondly, the global financial crisis is about to get a lot worse for a very long time as China realises its vulnerabilities and big-scale speculative property developments in Perth will find funding almost impossible to secure. The Barnett Government has a real dilemma on its hands which it should already realise – how to pull out gracefully before things get a whole lot worse. Continue reading

The wanton destruction of our natural heritage

Posted on July 1, 2012 by Western Suburbs Alliance [Updated December 1, 2012]

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 10.29.00 AMRecent research at UWA shows that mental health improves in line with the quality of public space in the neighbourhood and that urban planners and developers should consider this as a priority for achieving mental wellness. So what has the Barnett government done in the last two years? Cleared, or approved for clearing, 50 hectares of bushland in the western suburbs alone. In addition to the clearing of the Underwood Avenue Bush Forever site and Monash Avenue Bushland and trees being cut down for the Churchlands housing development, as Anna Vanderbom reports in a letter to the POST (December 1, 2012), we have seen loss of:

  • About 130 trees, including tuarts, at Perry Lakes.
  • One hundred and thirty mature trees on Winthrop Avenue and in the lost QEII therapeutic gardens.
  • Two hundred pines and hundreds of superb sugar gums in Kings Park for reasons of nicety.
  • Thousands of trees in the Cambridge area, including nearly all of its 300 majestic fig trees.
  • Almost 300 mature trees to make way for the Wembley Sports Park.
  • Remnant bush at the A.K. Reserve on Stephenson Avenue. Mt Claremont.

Despite pleading and lobbying, the Barnett Government displays a total disregard for the natural environment, sustainability and preservation of wildlife corridors. It is only concerned with the developers’ interests. Dr Ron Johnstone, WA Museum Curator of Ornithology, warns that the continued depletion of habitats could lead to the extinction of black cockatoos and that the birds feeding in the banksias in the Underwood Bushland are the last surviving flock in the western suburbs. Premier Barnett apparently knows better, saying that the threat to the “so-called endangered species” by clearing this bushland is “grossly exaggerated.” “Environment Minister” Bill Marmion is in a similar state of denial. And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse . . . it did, at Elizabeth Quay.  Continue reading