The Principality of Academia

Julie Matheson

The Post, 24 October 2014, p. 1. The Post, 24 October 2014, p. 1.

Mr Barnett has made 1,850 citizens of Hollywood and Crawley “homeless”, without a Council to attend to their needs.

In the true spirit of representation, Councillor Lynley Hewett has stepped forward to fill the void with a Plan B, after the failure of Mr Barnett’s “Plan A” forced #amalgamations.

Plan B has been drafted as follows:

As the only resident Councillor in this area (and I still have until 2017 to serve) I proudly accept the 1850 possible citizens of the WA Metropolitan area living in Hollywood and Crawley – and ignored by Premier Barnett and Minister Simpson – as my very own People in perpetuity (not that I haven’t always accepted them when the rest of you were ignoring us).

We will secede from WA and form a Principality (possibly called  Academia).

It will be run on the same system…

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