Perth waterfront project misses the mark.

Dr Linley Lutton

Posted December 1, 2012 by Western Suburbs Alliance

Regardless of all the hype in the media about the Perth waterfront project there is a very high probability that the project will stall before it gets started leaving Perth with a ruined foreshore and a huge scandal to investigate.

There are two fundamental problems giving rise to this likelihood. Firstly, the project was conceived with a ‘Walter Mitty’ mindset with little or no focus on reality, specifically the critical commercial factors. Secondly, the global financial crisis is about to get a lot worse for a very long time as China realises its vulnerabilities and big-scale speculative property developments in Perth will find funding almost impossible to secure. The Barnett Government has a real dilemma on its hands which it should already realise – how to pull out gracefully before things get a whole lot worse. Continue reading

Profli-gate – WSA Public Forum 11 October 2012

 Profli-gate – How are we paying for all these future projects?

Address by Ken Eastwood AM FCPA

 As the first speaker tonight I would like to ask you all to take your memory back to three and a half years ago.  At that time we had a very even result as to who would govern our State for the next term.  So close was the result of that last election that the future government was decided by the minority National Party.

At the time we, the voting public, were mainly concerned about Law and Order, our very much under pressure Public Health system, the inadequacy of our Public Transport and major road systems, our deteriorating Education facilities and the escalation of Perth’s cost of living.

So, having been a staunch Liberal supporter for all of my life, these comments are not about party politics but they are about how just our present Government has spent our taxpayer dollars.

With a net State debt of $3.6 billion dollars three and a half years ago, we were easily convinced that the coming mining boom would solve all of our problems. Right now, after just 3 ½ years of that mining boom we have a state debt of approximately $17 billion dollars. That is an increase of 460% in that short period.  On current estimates our net state debt will reach $24 billion dollars by the 2014-15 financial year.

Even with our projected population explosion that is an increase from $2,100 per head of population to approximately $11,500 per head. Such an increase in debt levels will have occurred during the most profitable five years in the State’s history.

But, is there any good news?

There is no evidence to suggest:

That our Police Force is any better resourced?

That our Health system is in any better shape with more Hospital beds and no more ambulance ramping?

That our roads are coping with the increased traffic and that our public transport system is in better shape?

That our Education facilities are in better shape?

That cost of living pressures are any easier to manage?

Let’s have a look at some of our governments more worrying decisions over the past three or four years. Continue reading

Commentary on Elizabeth Quay proposal

There are two self-evident problems with the Elizabeth Quay project. Firstly, the connection of the inlet to the river provides little benefit to the public, is expensive and problematic. While the inlet may look cute in the artist’s helicopter perspective, from the ground level you will not see the river from the public open space around the inlet other than a glimpse under the bridge. It will make virtually no difference to the visual aspect if the inlet is replaced with a large, shallow water feature. Continue reading