Cottesloe Foreshore Development

Posted on June 24, 2012 by Western Suburbs Alliance [updated December 1, 2012] 

Picture 3The West Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and the State Government have given no serious thought to a proper planning process for the Cottesloe foreshore area. Ideas for developing the various beachfront sites have been strongly opposed by both residents and beach users from all parts of WA and overseas. The public has consistently and strongly expressed the view that they want the existing low rise Cottesloe panorama preserved, not the five to eight storey developments proposed by the Barnett government. Developments like the one proposed below would overwhelm and destroy Cottesloe’s valued coastal village character, something which makes it uniquely different from other Perth central coast visitor areas such as Leighton Beach, South Fremantle and Scarborough.

Since 2003 Cottesloe residents have been strongly supportive of a proper planning process for the District to contain height limits within the beachfront areas between the Cottesloe and North Cottesloe beaches. March 2010 saw the obtaining of 14,000 plus signatures opposing high-rise development along Marine Parade. The community has lodged many submissions on the Draft Local Planning Scheme 3 (formerly Draft TPS3) with the Town of Cottesloe and WAPC and written many letters to the council on this matter. Public forums / workshops have been held including the professionally conducted and well attended Precinct Meetings of 2005 and the Enquiry by Design 2009, all of which have made it quite clear to how the community would like to see Cottesloe developed.

Huge amounts of money and time have been spent on opposing the State Government orchestrated initiatives – and all to no avail. The residents are still fighting – the latest development being their challenging the State Government on the legalities and the failings of its own planning laws.

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